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Have you been annoyed due to the following experience of purchasement? 
1. Low luminious efficiency, bad appearance. End customers complained for products.
2. Unsuitable light distribution option.

3. Salesperson don't know enough knowledge to recommend suitable products. 

Lamps can't meet expected effect.

4. Only communicate by online, don't trust suppliers enough and be afraid of product quality.
5. Can't find suitable products. Worry low price with bad quality.
6. Specifications has big different for same product, can't distinguish which supplier is reliable.
7. High cost for Top-Brand company.
8. Delay delivery is normal.

Why choose ZENLEA?      

ZENLEA Lighting has persisted on Outdoor Lighting for 7 years. We have provide LED Lighting to more than 100 projects in 30 countries & districts. By professional design of light distribution, we assistant customers to get more projects and market share.